Equities Committee


The Equities Division engages members to (1) monitor and respond to developments in policy and market structure which may adversely impact equities markets; as well as to (2) proactively help shape market structure and the policy environment across the region to help grow the market.  Towards these ends, the Equities Division works to build constructive relationships with regulators and exchanges within the APAC region, pursuing reductions in the frictional costs of trading as well as creating opportunities to grow capital markets in Asia.

Key Contact(s)
Lyndon Chao

Managing Director – Head of Equities and Post Trade

Tel +852 2531 6550

Daniel Wong

Associate, Equities

Tel +852 2531 6551

Rajdeep Rathi

Manager – Equities and post trade

Tel +852 2531 6523

Stuart Jones

Managing Director, Head of Asia Securities Finance, Jefferies

Working Groups/Sub-Committees
  • China Equities WG
  • Korea Equities WG
  • Warrants WG
  • Proprietary Trading WG
  • IOI / Client Facil WG
  • India Equities Steerco