Asia Public Policy Committee


Focuses on engagement in relevant regional and domestic policy development, legislative and regulatory processes. Concentrates advocacy efforts on regulatory and legislative reform proposals that affect member firms. Examines intelligence across the political and regulatory landscape and facilitates an open dialogue between the financial industry and regulatory bodies across Asia. Ensures that key messages and the industry’s view on proposed legislations are appropriately delivered to regulators and officials.

Key Contact(s)
Matthew Chan

Executive Director, Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs

Tel +852 2531 6560

Damien Scholefield

Executive Director, Head of Compliance
Treasury and Markets and DBS Vickers, DBS

Jenny Cosco

MD, Co-Head of Government Affairs, Asia-Pacific, Goldman Sachs

Working Groups/Sub-Committees
  • Data and Privacy Policy Working Group
  • Prudential Working Group
  • Fragmentation Drafting Working Group
  • Recovery & Resolution Working Group
  • Sustainable Finance Working Group